The QATCH (Quality Assessment Tool Chain) is a complete tool chain for assessing the quality of your Java projects. It allows you to build your own, fully operationalized quality models based on static analysis and advanced multi-criteria decison-making techniques that utilize fuzzy logic.

Basic Features

Multi-threaded Static Analysis

Multi Criteria Decision Making Techniques

Fuzzy Logic Judgements

Quick and easy to use tools


Download our offline tools and improve the quality of your projects easilly!

What we offer ?

A quick and easy to use wizard for quality model derivation and a toolkit that allows you to assess the quality of your projects.

Get our complete tool chain and start assessing the quality of your projects. Use our offline Quality Model Designer in order to create your own quality models according to your beliefs and choices. Use our command line evaluators in order to assess the quality of your locally stored projects, or those that are stored in GitHub, based on the quality models that you created. Read the quick guide that can be found in the downloadables, and start improving the quality of your software.

Binnaries Base Model Quick Guide

Alternativelly, you can download and use our base model. The base model is a reliable and carefully calibrated quality model with emphasis on software's maintainability and performance efficiency.

What you get ?

Immediate quality improvement and significant defect reduction!


Quality is subjective, so your opinion matters! :)


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